FIRST Jeopardy! (9/14)

We know it’s a Baseball question for 400, and we now know that you should be checking back around 22:00 EDT.

For 400, in 1962, the Detroit Tigers traded Harry Chiti to the New York Mets for this player.

Who is Harry Chiti?

What is cash?

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**What is cash? **

Who is a player to be named later?

That source is wrong. Harry Chiti was traded for a player to be named later, and that player to be named later was actually him. So the answer could either be a player to be named later or Harry Chiti :stuck_out_tongue:

Bottom of the story:

Well, I asked what player he was traded for, so really, only Brandon’s answer would count. Either way, it’s one of baseball’s more hillarious stories.