First jingle?

Hi so I was at the NYC regional today and Mr.Kamen came out and presented the new jingle that people have been dancing to. Does anyone know where the jingle is because I have been looking everywhere and havent been able to find it. Theres members on my team who would have a lot of fun coming up with a group dance for it.

Is what you’re referring to? I just saw it on FRC’s subreddit.

It is thanks

Kudos again for this! It seems like the actual jingle was much shorter then this when they played it at central illinois last weekend.
I’m hoping to get this played at the FTC super regional this weekend.

Also for those interested, I found the BTS video:

I’m so glad this has come up!

To be honest, when I heard this a few months ago I got intensely nervous. Many of us remember the failed FIRST jingles from some years back…

I hear this almost every day now (our company essentially has a ‘FIRST department’, our CEO loves the song, so it’s often played/emailed/passed around here) and it plays at every event. You’d think I’d be sick of it by now…

*I love *Inspire the World. Is it a little hokey? Sure. Is it a mainstream song that’s gonna end up on the radio? Certainly not. But it has played at every regional & district event, after opening ceremonies have wound down (as matches are getting set up), and during the closing/walk-out at the end of the day.

It’s one more little thread connecting the community together, and I like that.

If you’d like a copy, I know you can download it from - although I’m not sure the Demers Brothers are aware of that, and they may want to end up hosting it somewhere of their own. I’m sure something will be posted here if that’s the case.