FIRST has quite a few new openings posted this month.

As a Texan, I’m a bit worried that they are still searching for a regional Director for the Hub City Regional

Spread the word as much as possible. There has got to be somebody in the area that can fill the role in.

Did John Shellene step down? He was Hub City RD last year.

John works from Dallas and also runs the Dallas Regional.

They are looking to find a regional director to work in Lubbock.

Do these FIRST jobs pay well? What is the average salary for a regional manager or manager in New Hampshire?

I always find myself wondering how many otherwise qualified candidates for FIRST jobs FIRST skips over because of their lack of a Bachelor’s degree.

I wonder if they realize how many of the innovations in the technology in play here were created by people with Associates or even no college degree.

For example until 2007 Bill Gates never graduated from college.
I have this image in my head of FIRST telling him he’s not qualified as a leader of his respective field.

It’s sort of ironic if you think about it.
A contest that challanges the participants to gain real world experience.
Creates a barrier such as this.


Keep in mind: my Father was an engineer with no college degree and his work supported both important portions of the military and financial sectors.

I have an Associates degree from a County College: my work supports military, financial and technology assets all over the world and a few that are in orbit.

A few times I have considered these formal FIRST jobs but to be honest it would be a massive pay cut.
I’d rather give away my time and money than lock myself into this sort of position under my circumstances.

I recognize that the path I walk(ed) was hardly the path I can recommend to my students in general.
However the irony of the requirements remain.
I notice it sometimes in the mentoring requests as well.
I was one of the first mentors on Team 11.


I was the only one anyone could find that could hope to make the software aspect work and was willing.
Times may of changed but being able to get results has not.

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