FIRST Kick-Off date confirmed

Posted by S. Krussell.

Coach on team #349, Robahamas, from International Academy and Ford Motor Co…

Posted on 7/17/2000 10:30 AM MST

Hi Mike and Everyone else. I called FIRST today, and talked to Monica Nadreau, and she confirmed that the January kick-off is indeed the weekend of the 6th. She also told me that there will be 3 new regionals this year - GrandRapids, Michigan, New York City,and Los Angeles. WooHoo! The dates are NOT confirmed yet for any regionals, but apparently will be soon. So I’ll call Monica back in a few days. So…start your engines!!

Posted by Dominiuqe.

Student on team #65, Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 7/17/2000 5:20 PM MST

In Reply to: FIRST Kick-Off date confirmed posted by S. Krussell on 7/17/2000 10:30 AM MST:

I can’t believe this. I have been to New York and it is the best shopping place in the world.(I love to shop with my parents money) Plus all the tv networks there. There will be so much tv coverage there, then any other regional. (20/20 is there ‘my favorite’)

Posted by Geoff Sensel.

Student on team #45, Technokats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 7/23/2000 11:56 PM MST

In Reply to: New York is going to be the best!!! posted by Dominiuqe on 7/17/2000 5:20 PM MST:

To comment on the New YorK Regional the teams should go
to Time Square and get as much coverage( ie. TRL, morning
news shows, etc.)as possible.