FIRST Kickoff Countdown Timer

Hey guys I made a FIRST Kickoff countdown in flash and wanted to share it with you.
You can put it where ever you want. Here’s the code below:

<param name=“movie” value=“08_count.swf”>
<embed src=“” width=“240” height=“40”>

thanks… :slight_smile:

quick note…the kickoff is at 10am EST right now its counting down to 12am on January 5th (10 hours too early)

may want to look into that…other than that looks great


very nice =)

my new homepage! something better (less stressful) to count down to than decision day!

Ok I edited the actionscript to reflect the correct time of the FIRST Kickoff.

thanks…its going to be on the website of the new teams im part of #2370


WHOOOOO!!! im pretty excited about the kickoff!! i cant wait!

Very nice! Soon as I get this stupid site to work, I’ll post it on our homepage.

That’s a nice looking website you got there :wink:

thanks…its sorta a temporary one till we get more information and decide on a final layout. (we dont have a logo yet and no official website meetings)

I see you’re using for hosting. How’s it turning out, and which package do you have?

yes we do have 1and1 the package we uses is the business linux hosting package and its great. i currently maintain 3 sites that are all hosted on separate business linux hosting packages:

  • The Green Team 885
  • the iBots 2370
  • and my personal site Home of the Geek
    the only thing that i dont like is that the server upload speed is ot the greatest… ~80kBs is the max i ever got and that was on a very high speed college campus in the middle of the summer at a camp i went to

i have also made 2 sites for clients that are hosted on the beginners linux package and it woks fine.

last thing. the bandwidth you get with the business package is huge 2.5 terabytes per month and 250 gb of storage. its great i use like 3% tops on my personal site and i have an online music library for myself on there where i stream music from.

…forest immel

i ahve sent this to pretty much every first member i know and it is on everything i can put it on… thanks a lot
oh and your website does look very nice

I went all out and bought the Linux Developer package. I have to agree that upload speeds are ridiculously slow, but there’s not much one can do about that.

One thing I have an unrelated question, though. Does anyone know any PHP coding? Specifically, integrating the MySQL user tables between PHP-Fusion and IPB, or any other CMS and IPB. I’m not good at creating a site from scratch, even though that’s probably my best bet. I’ve found a package on a couple sites which supposedly does this, but I always get the same error. You can try registering here, then log in from the side panel. - nice site (put blank pages in or disable broken links)

intelitek -> uses 1and1 they are an excellent hosting company.
I’ve also used them for other projects and have had nothing but good
luck with them. JFYI