FIRST Kickoff Dance Party?!?!

Hello everyone…particularly in the NH/New England Area…

Over the past few weeks, we on team 42 have been discussing various ideas for fundraising for our team as we have been exhausting most sources of money around. One thing that we have come up with recently is the idea of a FIRST Kickoff Dance Party, which would be held the Friday evening before kickoff. Invited to this party would be team members of all ages! There would be excelent DJ’s, food, and prizes available…and a darn good way to have your last breath of fresh fun air before the 6 weeks begins.

My question to you is this…if we throw this party, would you and your teamates come?

More than likely, it would be held within 15-20 minutes of the kickoff location. (Hudson, Nashua, Manchester Area), and a ticket into the event would be 5 dollars.

Please let me know if you would be interested in an event like this so that we could begin planning should we decide to go forth.

You can reach me by e-mail ([email protected]), AIM (QuietRiverRage1), and PM here.

Thank you,
Andy Grady

I’m in, I’ll bust out the Robot… Literally

You might see a few CHAOS faces there

I think Mr. Dave Kelso’s house might be open if you wanted to hold it there :wink:

I am in. Especially if it’s at the Kelso’s. I’ll definatly bring some friends, too :smiley:

Hahaha what mr. kelso will do if he sees this!

Umm…the pool will be frozen over , the court in the back yard will be suited more for skating and the garage is full of 5 years worth of robots, a shipping crate and that neat new robot making equipment. (Could mix drinks with the milling machine if everyone was of age.) And since it may be my turn NOT to go to Dean’s, I could laugh at you when you get to the house and the doors are LOCKED!

However, if someone wants to organize a "half way to kickoff party " next summer, maybe we can talk.

Hello everyone!

So far I have recieved some good responses for the dance party, and we are pretty close to making this thing fly. What we need to know is how many people would be showing up so we could get food as appropriate. If you have any idea of how many people will be joining you or your team to the party, drop me a PM or e-mail.

This promises to be a HUGE celebration! Great music and lights provided by excelent DJ’s! Lots of Pizza available. Prizes and contests such as a Limbo contest and a Dance off to be held (best robot dance included)! Join us for what could be your last glimpse of sanity (or insanity) before the kickoff craziness begins. Its a great event for teams to attend if they want to meet others or even bond more with themselves!

The party would be held at Daniel Webster College in Nashua NH on the friday evening of kickoff. People of all ages are invited! Admission would be 5 dollars, proceeds to benefit the DWC/Alvirne FIRST team!

Support FIRST by supporting your fellow teams, and have fun while doing it!

-Andy Grady

Just a little advice, from past experience. If you are going to have a live DJ, please allow dancing. Some of you may remember from this past year in SC the “No Dancing Allowed” Signs. Other than that, it sounds like a great idea. I wish we were closer to an event such that we could participate in more of these FIRST community events.

Hey now, get it right…

Geeze, I wish I’d gotten one of them. Makes me almost wish I was still in high school.

(thinks of his high school days)

Er…maybe not.

I dont think that will be a problem considering I am part of the group who is doing the DJing :wink: And did I tell you I love to lead big crowds in dances? Cha Cha anyone?

There will be lots of dancing allowed, and the DJing group has alot of experiences doing dances, college parties, and even some competitions. There will be lots of FIRST music, and believe me…the man behind the lights is incredible…especially when we do Sandstorm. You dont want to miss that!

I wouldn’t imagine them allowing dancing at a “dance party”. Seems rediculous.

I would SO go, if I wasn’t in CT allllllll weekend (darn jobs). Good Luck with the event!!! I am VERY sad to be missing it!

I’ll check if 501 is up for a lil party! :smiley:

u play 50 cent, in da club, and i will be there. maybe i can even convince some more members of 131 to go

That could most definately be arranged…we will take all kinds of requests :wink:

Plus, with 131 being one of my past teams, and the fact that I know like 75% of your alumni…I think you are obligated to go :wink: I’m kidding, you dont have to…but it would make me really happy!

-Andy Grady


Any update on the dance?

~ Jill


The dance has been confirmed! I will be posting more information concerning directions and other sorts within the next day or two. So for everyone who wants to join us, tell your teams, bring your friends…lets pack the house and kick off this season right!

-Andy Grady