FIRST kid on CNN

I was watching CNN Headline News today and i saw a kid with a FIRST shirt on. it was a story about people downloading (get this) movies off of the internet. about how people go into movie theateres and tape the movies and put them on the net to download. and how popular it has become. the kid didn’t actually talk, but he was in the background with some of his friends.

Is anyone on here that kid? i just thought it was cool!:cool:

Don’t participate in this activity because it is illegal:)

Yea… recently since Spiderman and Episode II came out they’ve been freaking out about pirating movies… even tho they are like the highest grossing films ever!

Heheh, about a week before school let out my friend brought in a downloaded copy of Episode 2 to our programming class. And what did my teacher do?

Play it on the overhead projector, of course. That’s right, we spent an entire class watching an illegal copy of Episode 2. :smiley:

lol, that’s great. my teacher would probably have done the same thing :D.