FIRST Leadership Program - Follow Me!

I just wanted to share with the CD community that I’m going to be tweeting (if it’s alright with FIRST/USAF) my experience at the USAF-FIRST Leadership Training program at Patrick Air Force Base in Cape Canaveral.

You can following me on twitter: @SSmitka](

We received our agenda a few days ago and here are a few of the topics/items we’ll be discussing and seeing.

Leadership training topics:

  • Leadership for Wicked Problems
    • Communication
    • Managing Change
    • Simple/Complex Problem Solving
  • Seven Dynamics of Change

USAF topics:

  • Intro to Rockets
  • Atlas & Delta Integration Facilities
  • Range Operation & Satellite Processing Facility tour
  • Tour of Launch Pad

I leave this Sunday (8/29) at 6AM from Detroit.

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Now there’s an agenda item you don’t get to see often…

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