FIRST LED signs for purchase!

hi i am matt mccormick from team 1023 and i have an ability to make custom LED signs for your pit or whatever you want. these signs can be out of any material ,you, the customer, wants and any size too (highest price would be $200 and that was a 26x36 sign). i have made a few types of these signs already and the designs come in, but are not limited to, FIRST logo, FIRST (spelled out), team logos, and much much more! These custom LED signs can have various modes also. what i mean by this is that they can flash, flash in sequences, and do funky patterns! so if anyone is interested in a custom made LED sign please email [email protected] for more information!

pricing is decided from type of material, desired size, and complexitity. thanks!

Do you have some examples? Or pictures?


Is the use of the FIRST logo or name for profit legal?

To add to these, is it safe to have in pits? I recall flashing lights can call seizures. To add onto this, flashing lights could give people headaches over time. If anyone intends to buy these for pits, please do everyone a favor and get it non-flashing or at least where you can change it between flashing and non.


…or just flash s l o w l y

Nice idea, a photo of one in action would be cool.

now you cant see the 4 flashing modes in these pictures but let me assure you, its intense. as for the flashing, it is variable with a pot on the side of all my works.

It depends. The wordmark and logo are registered service marks (an outgrowth of trademark law), so you couldn’t use them in a way that would imply endorsement for something that FIRST didn’t actually support. In terms of copyright law, the FIRST name and wordmark are not copyrightable because—at least in U.S. law—even stylized text is considered to be insufficiently original.

But the real question is whether the logo is copyrightable. Simple shapes aren’t, but I suspect that the FIRST logo would pass the threshold of originality, and therefore be copyrightable. (The only way to know for sure is to litigate.) If that were the case, reproduction of the logo for profit would likely be infringement. (Although copyrighted works can be used under an assertion of fair use, it could be difficult to make such a claim in the context of a for-profit activity.)

yes, thats why i only made that logo for non-profit. that sign was for my team and was only charged from materials. as for selling one to one of you, i would have to ask first about that.

if any one is at MARC today, come to the pit of 1023 to see the sign in action! i will be there also.

I feel flashing lights wouldn’t be to bad, as long as they are some what slow, as most of you might have noticed the robots have a large flashing light on them.

Yes, the robots do have a flashing light on them. But they are nowhere near as bright as an LED sign. Slow flashes still might cause headaches and even seizures.

Awesome idea. Would you be able to make team logos or team numbers?

yes, any design is possible.

I wonder if he can make one with DEDs?
(Dark-Emitting Diodes. When power is applied they absorb the light from the room) :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously: Thanks for the photos, that looks really nice. Although you probably won’t get wealthy making these, for some teams they’ll be a nice addition to their pit.

the goal with these signs isn’t as much to make money, its to provide a nice service with minimal cost as possible to make first look good and the customer happy.

also i will fix the signs for free is something happens to them that is not the customers fault. such as some becoming burnt out for no reason or wires becoming undone. not saying anything will happen but i will fix anything for free.

Do DEDs even exist? link please. That would be pretty sweet though.

lol no DEDs do not exist but if there was a type of device it would be a LRD, light receiving diode :stuck_out_tongue:

A current limiting resistor should reduce the risk of the signs burning out, if youu don’t already have one in the design.

i actually figure out the exact amperage of each sign and fit a fuse accordingly

I assume it’s a resetting fuse, so we don’t have to have extras laying around?