FIRST Lego League forum - name needs to be changes

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but it seemed the most reasonable one.

As the title of this topic implies, the forum name needs to be changed. According to their policy about non-official use of their name, they always say this. (I quote from an email I and several others got from them)

*"1) Please always spell the word LEGO using capital letters and use it only as an adjective not a noun. For example you can write “Model built with LEGO bricks” but not “Model built with Legos”.

  1. The first time you use the word LEGO please follow it with a “®” which shows everybody it’s a registered trademark.

  2. You can’t use the red LEGO logo."

The forum name does not have the word “LEGO” capitalized. I do a lot with LEGO on their website (non-officially) and have seen this pop up a few times there and I noticed that it wasn’t correct here so I figured I should alert you.