FIRST Lego League Game Released

Yeah, the 2007-2008 FIRST game has been released. The name of the game is called POWER PUZZLE.

Discuss and Enjoy! :smiley:

The lifitng of the solar cell seems interesting.
Can’t wait to se what FLL teams make for this cahllange…

Hi there.

Team 2230, with the most generous help of our school , Handasaim Herzeliya High School, and our school’s municipality, Herzeliya’s Municipatlity, are supporting 5(!) FLL teams, 3 from our own school for the 9th graders, and 2 more in the adjacent Junior High School (Yad Giyora).

We saw the kick off videos, translated the missions to this year’s challenge, we’re hoping to build an alternative field soon to start practicing, but we have 1 small thing that bugs us:

When is the Israeli Kick-off? or: When do the israeli FLL teams recieve their kits?

We’d like to know this so we can measure how much time we’ve got to prepare the teams for the 4 weeks (is that correct?) to come.

BTW, any information you can give us about FLL, videos of FRC teams supporting FLL teams, anything related to that and others will REALLY help us.



Can this be retitled to FLL Game released… made me have a heart attacking thinking they released the FRC game already. haha

but good luck to everyone that will be competiting in the FLL game.

I just watched the video and read the missions for this year.
It seems like an awful lot for 5th graders to understand, but that’s my first impression. My FLL team surprises me every year.
The only thing I can say for sure is that FLL gets harder and more complicated every year.

The FLL Q&A has hit #60 on Friday!!!
I have never seen such level of questions from past FLL games.

This year’s Power Puzzle game has the most complex missions I have ever seen.
Actually it is the interaction of the individual missions that is the most challenging.

We have been scoring a perfect 400 in our practice and at a tourney we scored 320. This was a practice tourney and we have fixed the light sensor problem so we are expecting 400 this weekend!!! It was our group that asked about delivering the hydro car upside down. It works great every single time. No running into the house or having a car roll into the ocean.:slight_smile:


Congrats to the students, not many people expected to see a perfect scoring game this year.

That’s always my first reaction every year (I mean… Nanotechnology? I’m in college and I can’t make heads or tails of that, how are middle schoolers supposed to!!!) but then the kids never cease to amaze me. At first I was thinking, “Well gee, maybe I just have an exceptional bunch of kids that I’m working with,” and while that’s true, every team that I saw as a judge astounded me with their creativity and their ability to pick up on such difficult concepts. One of the teams I worked with came up with nanobraces using carbon strands and nanochips to numb pain and track the braces progress. On my other team, a 7th grader came up with a comparison between 2 diseases, one in cows and one in humans, and hypothesized that the same medicine could be delivered in buckyballs, and all they have to do is move the ligons to correspond with the different disease. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with that, no matter how much research I did. These kids are smart, creative, resourceful-- That’s why they do FIRST!