First Library updates

Just a note for those who are trying to update their First libraries for EasyC. See this:

from here at bottom of page:

This is a fix for some data corruption problems occuring during interupt routines or something. Anyhow, EasyC doesn’t (I don’t think) have a way of specifying the file name for the FIRST library used for linking. The name of the NEW library is:


It replaces:

This library is located (on my WindowsXP machine):
C:\Program Files\Intelitek\easyC for FRC\Frc\18F8722\FRC_library.lib

So, copy FRC_library_8722.lib to C:\Program Files\Intelitek\easyC for FRC\Frc\18F8722
Change the name of FRC_library.lib to FRC_library_old.lib
Change the name of FRC_library_8722.lib to FRC_library.lib

NOW you can recompile your code with the new library. This library change is only necessary for the new 2006 controllers (8722). There is no need to change the library for the 2005 controllers (8520).

I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone! I am thinking everyone should make sure and install this update, especially if you are using any of the sensors, including the camera.

We will be releasing an update to EasyC 2.5 with the updated libraries. It will also include a new version of WPIlib.

Cool…new things goooood. New versions of new things very goooood! :smiley:

If you like what is new and hot get your copy now!!

New version is up for download!