FIRST Logo Animation

At the 2010 Championship, a video was shown that explained the FIRST logo, its volume relationship, and showed off the Dean’s List Award. Do you know where I can find this video?

3 kids from my team were the ones who made the animation, I can talk to them about making it public on youtube or something if they aren’t posting it on the FIRST website

(I remember dean mentioning it during the Dean’s List)


Congratulations to your team on pulling this together. It is a great video.

If you guys can post it to youtube in HD that would be sweet.

Ed Barker
Kell Robotics

First off, “thank you thank you thank you” to Ed and the Kell Robotics team. Without going in to the entire story, the animation had to be almost completely re-done from scratch in the last 36 hours before the Dean’s List award was presented. The Kell Robotics crew were real life savers and turned over their video production computers to us so we could completely re-render the animation on Thursday.

The animation has a few rough spots that we are cleaning up over the next few days as we decide which version of the final version is the right version. Once that is done, we will post it on YouTube.



which version of the final version is the right version.

are we there yet ?

are we there yet ?

our pleasure !


Why do I feel like I’ve been in a thousand meetings with you before? You’re an administrator, aren’t you? :rolleyes:

All joking aside, thanks 116, thanks Dave, thanks Ed and the Kell crew. I haven’t yet seen the animation so I look forward to the right version of the final version of the … errr … you know, I just wanna see the darn thing because I’ve heard how cool it is!