FIRST logo with out the white background

I am trying to get a version of the FIRST logo withe out the white background.

That would be found at the FIRST site

My assumption would be that the GIF versions have transparent backgrounds, check and see.

Thank you for the help.

Please also be sure to read the guidelines involving the use of the FIRST logo and the “Branding & Design standards” before using the logo anywhere!

But even if you can’t find it there, it shouldn’t be hard to just select the white part by hitting “select by color” in photoshop or Gimp and getting rid of it.

thank you for the URL to was a big help

I’m a little late to this ball-game, however thought I’d add this tip on how you can turn the background to alpha with GIMP.

Here is the documentation page:

If you have Photoshop, I would recommend using the .eps format. You can open it in PS, at any resolution because it is a vector based eps. The background is by default transparent. Saving as a png will give you a 8 bit alpha channel, (pixels can be partially transparent) as opposed to a gif with 1 bit transparency. The option of selecting a color to be transparent will not anti-alias to the color behind it (on your webpage) unless you had that color to begin with. 32bit png file will look good because the partially transparent pixels at the edge of the graphic blend into whatever color is behind it. make sense?
I would imagine GIMP can do the same, but I rarely use GIMP.