First Logo

Does anyone know where there are a bunch of FIRST logos? I need a transparent one and don’t want to spend the time to get it to look good if there is one premade.

Check this website, it also gives usage rights:

also, do not go against any usage rights (heavy editting and such), if you are using this on a website they will grade you down heavilly (one of our mentors is a former website judge), if you arent you can ignore this statement completely :rolleyes:

Aye, perfect! thanks!

and I made it transparent… how badly will they :< over it?

its at the bottom of

The main problem with your usage of the logo from the way I understand the usage guidelines is not the transparency, that should be ok.

The problem is that it appears that you have moved the text which is not allowed.

Check either the Quickstart Guide or, for more info, the Comprehensive Guide at the link that Wiifi posted above for detailed information on proper usage of the FIRST logo.

Besides moving the “FIRST” text. You shouldn’t be using the full color version of the logo on the background (Not Enough Contrast). See page 20 and page 27 of the comprehensive guide.

I’m not sure I agree. This looks very similar to the Navy background scenario shown on page 20 of the comprehensive guide.

The maroon background is visually distinct from the red in the logo. I think the colors are fine here.

.-. strict enough about it…

I guess I violated

-sigh- I’ll fix it tomorrow… thanks for the help >_<

please take a look at page 18 of this guide

What is on page 18 that I need to look at?

Also I fixed it and am pretty sure it isn’t in violation anymore.

looks perfect now you should be fine what i was pointing out earlier was that you cannot put white text on a white background

True, Im going to leave it like it is now and hope its good^^