FIRST Love Stories?

Hey FIRSTers! So, (somewhat) interesting story here. My boyfriend and I met through FIRST, from different teams (I’m on 3397, he’s on 1985). It was at an open house event his team was hosting. We began talking, he asked me to Roboprom, and as they say, the rest is history. We were just thinking the other day that we can’t be the only couple who met through FIRST. There’s gotta be others out there!

So our question to you is, are you/have you ever been in a relationship with someone you met through Robotics (whether from your own team or from another team), and how did you meet? Share your story here!

Andy Grady and Jessica Boucher are probably the best known FIRST couple. There is even a video online of Andy proposing to Jess at Battlecry8 a few years ago.

A few stories can be found here.

Funny, of all the emoticons we have, none of them involve love. Perhaps :confused: comes the closest …

(beware, if you respond with :deadhorse: == love, you may lose all gf/bf/spousal priveleges)