FIRST made slashdot... cool

FIRST made slashdot.

Just noticed that… thats pretty cool.

FIRST has made slashdot each of the last few years. Last year it turned into bash how ugly the FIRST site is. This year, they didn’t have that to complain about :wink:


seemed like most of them were arguing about which came first:
BattleBots or Europes Robot Wars

And a few talking about how they never heard of it, and wanted to know more … or how they did it, and had advice, etc…

a good read, either way.

By the way, FIRST is what most likely inspired BattleBots

I love that sentence right there.

Last year a few of us used the busted computers at nationals to get on slashdot, and after a few posts I actually ended up meeting some of FIRST slashdotters, it was pretty cool.

Anyone wanna try for an Ars-technica story spot next time :).