FIRST made you insane?

You don’t know? Then try this test and see the answer:

Insanity test


thats old but still hillarious…i laugh so hard every time


go everyone near by my computer except my Mom she just look confused

hmmm…doesn’t work for me, because i’ll laugh at almost anything.:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :rolleyes: :slight_smile: :smiley: :rolleyes: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I always figured I was nuts…Now theres proof.

That gets me every time until I relieve what it is.

i failed so i am insane but i allready know that.:smiley:

That brought tears to my eyes!

I quickly hit mute after i loaded it and i still cracked up…

D.J. failed the insanity test…oh well thats nothing new

Livin’ It!

I didnt have to take the test to know first made me insaine!!! But I took it and failed ne way.

This was very cute. After about 6 tries, I was able to watch it for a minute without smiling. But that only proves I’m good at hiding my insanity.


I said, hey listen to me, stay sane inside insanity, but he locked the door and threw away the key. -Rocky Horror Picture Show.

omg…too funny!

Still chuckling…

Lisa T :slight_smile:

20,000 hits a day, so now there are popups.
Oh well, have to pay for bandwith somehow…


Small enough to host on a cable modem you say?

Well, I didn’t laugh, but I think that just means I’m dead.:frowning:

Hehehehe, Battery Girl failed the first time as soon as music started to play. Then she failed again and again and again.
(talking in third person is a lot of fun. :slight_smile: )

this is what my team and i began singing incessantly as we spent more and more time working on the robot. You be the judge of how much sanity we have left. (Note: there are a few interesting words in there, you may want to keep the volume a tad down around youngsters…)

omg the WEEEEEEE! thing is hillariously disturbing. lol i wasn’t sure whether to be afraid and run away or fall out of my chair laughing. i fell out of my chair laughing. :slight_smile: hehe i don’t think you have much sanity left, and that coming from the girl that wore a cape and gloves and pretended that she could fly at nationals. (i just ran around w/ my arms out straight in front of me making “woosh” noises. it was great. the cape said “Battery Girl”)

OMG… its GONADS AND STRIFE!!! This cartoon is a CLASSIC!! hahaha

My team tried to get our teacher to let us name our robots Nads and Strife so we could yell it out in competition…didn’t work too well though :wink:

This thread just reminded me of this website…
Yeh dancing bananas!!!