FIRST Manual 2006 Encrypted password

I am not sure if its legal to post it but if anyone needs the password for the PDF manual please PM me. Ill post in thread if I find it ok to post it.

heard its ok to post here

It’s legal.


And just to make sure nobody forgets.


Talk about convoluted and random…

Unencrypted files are up, here’s a mirror if you don’t want to bog the FIRST site down:

I just pulled them all without difficulty.


yes, thanks for the link. Got the PDFs down quickly

I recognize 2 groups of 4 characters. Kind of funny actually. :yikes:

unencrypted files also available at

Interestingly, (and I won’t go into the math) it’s not that weird. In a string of symbols that long, when you consider the number of four letter words in our language, and more generally the number of 4 letter strings with ANY meaning at all… A similar thing happens with 40 people in a room. What would you think would be the probability of any 2 of them sharing a birthday? I again won’t go into the math. As I recall it’s somewhere just slightly lower than 50% though.

Heheh another tangent.

Due to discussion earlier, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. There shouldn’t really be anything more that needs to be said on the topic at any rate.