FIRST Mascots

So I thought about the idea because we all belong to teams and we all compete and it is very similar to how sports are played especially in the spirit aspect. I was wondering if anyone had a team mascot or has ever heard of it before. Either someone dressing up in their school’s costume or a team dog(assuming there was a designated handler) or anything similar. I don’t know how events would handle this but I personally think it would be really cool to see FRC Mascots! Let me know what you think.

Doesn’t every event have a mascot parade?

Absolutely! When 3946 went to CMP in 2015, we had FOUR mascots from our team alone! Two robots, the official school tiger costume, and an Oscar the Grouch mascot. At Bayou Regional (55-60 teams), typically a dozen teams or so have a team mascot, plus another six or eight robot costumes. I have not noticed any FRC teams bring an animal as a mascot.

So… you’ve never been to an event then?

Some folks spend a lot of time in the pits, working on a robot, and “miss out” on all the ancillary things like macarenas and mascot parades.

For OP, my school lent us their Odin costume (used at football games, etc.) a couple of years in a row. The students took turns wearing it through out the day carrying a shield we made with our robotics logo on it. It was fun for them, but HOT.

I spent 80% of my time in the pit, 10% on the field and 10% outside for lunch and such. I was not able to be exposed to all the festivities as much as other team members