FIRST Match Game Live! Prizes - Details

Hello everyone! FUN is looking at doing something a bit different this Tuesday (most likely 8:30-9:30ish ET) and bringing back our game shows. We’re going to try out doing a FIRST themed Match Game ( if you do not know what the match game is)!

We’ll be looking for some contestants and you will have a chance to win prizes as well :smiley: More info on this in the next day.

Looking for the audience to submit some questions for the show. Here are a couple sample questions:
A sample question: Frank Merrick hates pineapple on pizza so much that whenever he sees it, he __
or Dean Kamen gave a 45 minute speech at championships I spaced out but woke up to him talking about __

Please post your submitted questions here or in our discord One submission will receive a prize and some may be used for the show :smiley:

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Woodie said we’ll never get a water game, but instead we can have a ___


This is a great example of a question :slight_smile:


Dean Kamen’s new invention, the Segway 2.0, utilizes a swerve drivetrain and extra ____.


Another great submission!

Some more details:

We will be pulling contestants from our discord in the call-in-channel queue so make sure you are there and your microphone is working!

Each game will include:

Head to head battle. Two contestants will each be asked a question separately to match to the panelists. This will happen for two rounds. The person with the most amount of points wins and moves onto the final round.

During the final round the winner will pick 1 host to try to match a question exactly with. If they get it right they will receive an amazon gift card as a grand prize and move on to face another contestant!

We expect about 3-4 full games during this time.


In his latest talk Karthik said that this year ____ have been worse than mechanum wheels.

For 2020 since there is no stop build day, the bag in the kit of parts has been replaced with ____


Not saying that any suppliers got an early peek at the 2020 FRC Manual, but on the Monday after Kickoff, a new miniature __________ appeared simultaneously on the websites of Vexpro, Andymark and REV Robotics.


It was recently announced that for major infractions in the 2020 season, the Yellow Card will be replaced with the Yellow ____________.

At my last competition, we had a freshman so clueless that instead of bringing a screwdriver he brought me ____________.

Our robot last year almost didn’t pass inspection because it didn’t have enough ____________.


Oh no! The batteries in all the scouting tablets are dying again. Someone go get the __________!


Thank you for all the awesome questions. There are great :).

Game show will start tonight at 8:30pm-9:30pm ET. It’s going to be corny, weird but most of all fun :slight_smile:

In the live chat you will be able to provide suggestions for answers. If you are interested in being a contestant and winning prizes join our Discord and hop in the call-in channel queue .

The FTA checked with us to ask if our robot was really supposed to __________.

My favorite moment of the season was when the MC tried to __________.

The referee told us that if we tried that again, not only would we get a foul, we would get __________.

I tried to hit the emergency stop button, but instead I hit the __________.

“Oh, no I won’t. Last time you convinced me to get up and dance, I ended up __________.”

The worst FRC parody song was the one of “YMCA”, where the letters instead spelled __________.

I had a dream about playing an FRC game, but the game pieces were actually __________.

We ran out of grease, so we improvised and instead used __________.


Starting the FIRST Match game in a min! Come join us!!! Join the Call-In-Channel queue in Discord if you want to be a contestant.

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Last night was an absolute blast. Tough questions, questionable answers and laughs all around. If you didn’t get a chance to watch live or just want to re-live the moment here are the games on YouTube

FIRST Match Game 1

FIRST Match Game 2

FIRST Match Game 3