First Match Scouting System for 2019

First, minimally functional, event-based match scouting system for the 2019 season: (See it in action at More polish will be released frequently throughout the build season.
DM me on the FRC discord for questions.

(Simple Tutorial):
You need a laptop running Windows with a webcam and a device that can access the web (phone preferred).

Download the laptop program on

Navigate to the website on the other device (

Fill in the details on the website and click start.

To start match scouting, click the top portion with time, cargo, and hatch displays.

Notice the time is now counting down. Click on the other box that corresponds to each action (“Pick up hatch”, etc.)

Wait for the time to reach -10, which will automatically end the match (this is the only way currently to end the match).

Now there are three ways to transfer data:

  1. Scan the flashing series of qr codes by using the laptop program (click on Start QR Code Stream)
  2. Click the Single QR button to get the whole match in the form of a single qr code (Note: this may be extremely large if a lot of events happen). Click the button again to switch back. Scan the qr code by clicking on Start Single QR Code button on the laptop program.
  3. When the qr code stream is displayed, the raw text of the match is copied to the clipboard. Get the text to the laptop (email, messaging system, etc.) and enter it into the raw entry text box on the laptop program. Click on the raw entry button to save the data.
    Clicking the back button will take you to and from the qr code display page and it will display the previous match scouted (persists after reloads too)

The data will then be saved as a .fmt file under the data folder in the same folder as the laptop program. I will create documentation as to how it is stored soon, and will be working on programs during the build season to make it useful.

Why this system?
This system not only operates completely offline (when you visit the website, it automatically caches itself) and uses multiple ways to transfer the data.
The other part is that it is event-based. By logging the events that take place, you can extract data like cycle times, cycle accuracies, performance during auto/sandstorm, and more. Very few other systems does this and only looks at totals (total hatches on cargo ship in a match).
This system and event-based systems are better than regular match scouting systems precisely because it contains the same data + timestamps of events happening.
My focus during this season is to write an analytics app to take advantage of event-based match scouting systems and maintain these systems as well. I believe this system is good enough to become the standard for a majority of FRC teams to use. It’s time to change match scouting!
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As the end user of this program, you will agree to publically publish any raw data created by the usage of this software within a reasonable amount of time.

Interesting EULA.


I can’t really (and am not going to) enforce it. It’s just there for a reasonable expectation that if others ask for data, be a good sport and give it to them.

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When i end the match it does not generate a qr code, am i missing something?

Sorry for the lack of documentation, I’ll be getting this fully polished with tutorials later (think in 1-2 weeks). As to your question: The match automatically stops at time = -10 seconds (this is to give some leeway in starting the timer not exactly matching the start of the match), this is when it generates the qr code stream. I will have a text blob and single qrcode system in place later as alternatives.

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As you’ve already stated that you will be polishing it up throughout the season, I must say that you have a great concept going on with your program. If you would like more feedback on how you could possibly improve it, I’d be more than happy to help you along with your scouting endeavors! Have a great Season!


Man, this program is AWESOME!, well, its not complete at all, as you said, but this is a good concept, and good, this will make things easier
If there is a possibility for translation, I would be glad to contribute to Spanish Translation
Good job!, and thx a lot :smiley:

Feel free to modify the “eventTitle”, “variableTitle”, and “buttonName” portions ( and send it to me via email. I didn’t even think about internationalizing it, but I will definitely now! Thanks for the feedback!

new file is at

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I see it simple to use and it does his job.

Good job!

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Will there be a pit scouting feature added in the future?

Unfortunately, I don’t plan on adding one this year. So many other features need to be implemented that pit scouting is low on the priority list this year (if everything is completely done, then I’ll work on it). Next year may be different. Plus, electronic vs paper in pit scouting is not as different as match scouting could be.
Thanks for the interest though!

Update Here!

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