FIRST Materials List comments

FIRST released a List of Materials for team elements again this year. I’ve gone through the list and made some notes about sourcing the different supplies, including order numbers from Home Depot, Lowe’s and McMaster-Carr.

I put together a little spreadsheet with the info, it’s at GitHub:

Here are a few quick thoughts:

  1. Tee-Nuts are awesome, but they are super-expensive when bought individually in hardware stores. Get a bag of 100 of them.

  2. 4 1/2 inch hex bolts may be hard to find. Plan ahead.

  3. the price difference between the weaker and stronger zipties is pretty modest, maybe better to just order the stronger ones?

  4. Home Depot does not sell 10 foot 1 1/4 black iron pipe.

  5. 1 - 11/16 is a fairly obscure hole size and may be hard to find. Woodworking supply places online (Rockler, etc) sell individual Forstner bits. If you use a hole saw instead, be sure to get a saw that fits your arbor - or buy an arbor as well.

  6. No waterproofing supplies so probably still not a water game…


What a disappointment


Lots of discussion mostly starting here that’s mixed with the other Blog topics

To your points:

  1. I plan to buy 4" & 5" and cut them flush

  2. They do sell Galvanized

  3. Consensus was Holesaw / Don’t Buy in case you want to re-engineer the pipe mount

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I think this will do; I can get it there next day:

or this, which I could pick up today:

So does mine. I happened to be in there this evening, they have about eight in stock.

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For my HD it says not available for pick up and not available to ship…

EDIT: but Lowes does have it.

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I wouldn’t buy the pipe until we see what they are trying to simulate.


Lowes seems to have the pipe in stock; at least where I am (Denver), there are zero pipes at Home Depot within 100 miles, while every Lowes claims to have 20 or so in stock.

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Looking at this list, I see this item labeled “Velcro”? Never heard of it, do you mean hook and loop tape?

All joking aside, this is good information to have.

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Not really if you are in the US. Mc-Master sells 4.5 inch and 3.5 inch hex head 1/4-20 bolts as a standard item at relatively low prices (less than 10 dollars for a box of 10)

If you have a nearby harbor freight, buy your zipties from them. They are very strong and very cheap. The Harbor Freight store brand zipties are called “Store House” brand.

Most teams have the capability of cutting about 10 threads off of a 5" bolt if it turns out to be necessary. (If you do, put a nut on before you cut, then file the rough spots, then remove the nut to clean up the threads).

“Plan ahead” = order from McMaster, don’t count on finding them at the neighborhood hardware store.

Not a water game. Hmmm?
Did you receive the FIRST Season’s Greeting email today?

I think it’s a teaser for the frozen water game…
Infinite Recharge on Hoth