FIRST Meme pictures

Has anyone ever done something like this for FIRST? Should we put a troll face on that sneaky ol’ Dave Lavery?

I see no troll face. BUT, I’d love to get a collection of pictures of people and/or robots and add rage faces to them.

These are some great things I’ve swiped off CD threads over time.

-The first was the result of a spammer trying to get a rise out of people; the result was hilarious. The threads is still around somewhere. In the meantime someone made that comic which basically sums up the thread.

-The second I believe was from some thread close before kickoff last year?

-The third was from a game hint thread.

-I think the Dozer’s revenge came from a thread which was actually about the Game animations.

-The last was in a game hint thread. This one was the funniest in context. (I do suggest that everyone save this one somewhere in preperation for the nearing game hint season.)

Enjoy, Bryan

challenge accepted.jpg
Dave Lavery.jpg


challenge accepted.jpg
Dave Lavery.jpg


You need to find the “Dave says ‘That’s pimp’” pictures. Seriously.

It’s been a few years since anyone’s pulled that one out. But it was, well, quite hilarious. Went on for a couple years.

Wow, I wish I was around for those!

This one? (I think that the “Dave says ‘That’s pimp’” pictures were before my time on CD, but this one is what’s in Heidi’s photo gallery)

On a different note, if there was a picture for every time I saw something game/robot-related and said “TROLOLOL” out loud, we would need several photo galleries…

One of them. There were 2-3 buttons made; the picture linked is the picture that showed up at some point during the awards ceremony that Dave won WFFA at. It went into a button… and the next year, a different picture followed suit.

Now, you have more gallery-searching to do in the linked photo gallery. There are half a dozen (or so) of those pictures spread around. Happy hunting (and don’t forget to laugh at the rest of those pictures).

Posted this some time last year… mind the quality.
Its a reference to troll physics, clearly.

Found this a looong time ago:

Credit to xkcd for being awesome.

Trololololo bot

Made this in less than a minute. People gonna rage when they see this