FIRST Mentor Book Club

Stemming from another thread about books influencing your FRC mentoring, I decided to start a book club for FIRST mentors. I think meeting once a month for 90 minutes to 2 hours over Google Hangouts (or if somebody has a Zoom account they’d be willing to use, that would be cool too), would be a good place to start. I created a Slack group to help facilitate discussion, organize, suggest books, etc. If you would like to join, please reply to this thread so I can invite you to the Slack channel. There will be a good amount to discuss; we need to set up meeting dates, decide on some rules, and figure out what book(s) we want to read first.

Again, this is for mentors only.


Let’s give it a go.

mtaylorstem (at) gmail

Sent an invite to your email.

If you don’t want to post your email, I can PM an invite link on CD


I keep "I should…"ing reading some of the books on the list in that thread, and I am interested in trying out whether an external motivation will help me actually read them :slight_smile:

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Invites sent

Why not? Count me in as well.

I’m interested!

Invites sent

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Sign me up

Invite sent


I’d like to try this.

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I’m interested:


Sign me up, please:

Mind inviting me? @Michael_Hill

Apologies for the delays, work was crazy this week with the holiday. Invites sent. I think we’re developing a consensus on Dare to Lead by Brene Brown for our first book.

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I’m Interested in joining.

samblack (at) gmail