FIRST Mentor Camp - Presenters Announced

Event Registration:

Running an FTC Team - Tammy Damrath, FRC 503, FTC FIM Director
Team Sustainability, Kyle Hughes, FRC 27
FLL Technical Judging - Dung Cao
Mentoring Tomorrows Innovators - Julie Alpasch, FRC 245
Special Needs in FIRST - Julia Green, FRC 33
FIRST Badges - Julia Green, FRC 33
Learning Cycles - Aaron Wilcock 217/Julia Green, FRC 33
Engaging Mentors and Parents to Volunteer - Joe Jagadics, FRC 862
FTC Technical - Matt Bednarski, FRC 3536/ FTC 5290
Obtaining Partnerships/Sponsorships - Andrew Spiece, FRC 68, 2016 MSC Woodie Flowers Award Nominee

We are still looking securing more presenters this week and look forward to updating everyone once we finalize some more. We really hope to see people from all levels of FIRST there to learn from one another. Again, we are putting together presenters based on who has registered and what they are looking to learn about.

Currently, we are looking for presenters in Java Programming for FTC and FRC.

And programming for FLL.

As of the most recent FLL game, it’s not legal to program in Java.

Good catch. Thanks.

Presenter Update

Recruiting Team Members and Engaging Teachers, Jamie Forbes, FRC 3770
Competitive Programming in Java, Rob Bentley, FRC 3098
Roundtable Discussion - Varsity Letters and Cords for Robotics, Scott Stapp, FRC 5084