First named storm of the year

We are only 9 days into hurricane season and we have our first named storm, Tropical Storm Arlene . Luckily its steering away from were i live but heading toward Florida’s Panhandle and Alabama. I am on the ride out team at Universal, and we were put on alert at 8 am today, just as a safety precaution in case it makes a wild turn. We are expecting alot of rain here in central Florida. Well here we go with another Hurricane season


Man… I’m going to move to Florida just so I get cheap hurricane supplies. I hate how expensive they are up here in Ohio. And the strange looks I get. :rolleyes:


You guys should just head up to the Midwest. I can’t remember the last hurricane we had… :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up though, Ryan.

All midwest hurricane jokes aside, we get a lot of inclement weather, just not usually to extremes. Although, I was surprised to learn that people in the Northeast (Canada, too?) don’t have to have tornado drills in their schools. From kindergarten to senior year of high school, I can remember hearing the alarm and having to go sit indian-style in the hallways with a hardcover book tented over my head. I guess I never really thought about it, I just thought everyone had to have those drills…

Just head out west to California. Here in the desert, we don’t even get normal rain. Don’t worry about the earthquakes either, not a big threat. Except that my school lies on the San Andreas Fault, just hope the big one doesn’t come quite yet. :yikes:

Im pretty sure the last time New Jersey was hit was during hurricane Floyd and Bound Brook was hit hardest! WOOOOO lucky us! that was in 1999 i believe, sure we arent the midwest but before floyd hit its been a while since weve seen a hurricane. it was an interesting experience first time i ever got to ride on one of those little army rafts, and it was also the first time if ever seen boats driving down my street not being on a trailer lol. hope you dont get caught up in that storm. best of luck

You can always come to Arizona. I only remember 1 or 2 hurricanes coming through here during my life. Of course you do have to deal with 110+ weather…

Seriously, I hope you guys don’t get caught in any hurricanes.

I am coming over to your apartment right now. ::runs away from hurricane::

… to Floridians, please be careful and plan ahead of time. :slight_smile:

here we go again…

if we have many hurricanes hit my county again…maybe the snow birds will stop coming…and then traffic would be less…

all wellz…

my dear friends down south be careful…from Texas to the Carolinas we all have the chance of being hit by anything this year…

supplies tax free weeeeeeeee :smiley:

Yeah, I’m down here in Gulfport, MS, it is supposed to be here Saturday afternoon, but I am flying out that morning (not to evacuate, planned trip). But yeah, it looks like there is gonna be another huge hurricane season this year, and Florida shouldn’t have to endure anymore. Well hopefully the predictions will be way off and this season will be rather mild, but I’m not getting my hopes up…

I think they should start implementing hurricane drills in Florida.

Principal: “Ok, everyone go home… and sleep a bunch for the next 3 days.”

That’d be awesome, especially after build season :slight_smile:

Here is my hurricane drill
.:Phone rings:.
Me: Hello

Universal: A Hurricane will be here within 48 hours, we are activating the ride out team get to work.


Man I’m glad I live in the middle of “Tornado Alley.” But the tornadoes can’t get to me… nananana (taunting). I live just South of the Mississippi, and tornadoes have never crossed the Mississippi, or at least I don’t think they can. (My only sense of security.)

Yeah… I sure hope you guys stay safe down there. And it’s only tax-free? If I owned a store down there, I would give a huge discount… like so that I only made a minimal profit. :wink:

Well tax free doesnt sound like much but it adds up.
So lets say i buy a $600 generator, Sales take in Florida is $.06
I save $36 which then can be used on flashlights, batteries, water, or whatever else i need.

its summer right?.. ya it is.

My drill:

Parents: Hey Arefin, there will be a hurricane here very soon, we need to put the shutters up.

Me: ok.

(next day)

Parents: Arefin, hurricane is coming, you didn’t put the shutters up yet.

Me: Tiffany is watching the news 24 hours for me and she is going to warn me when its close, I will put it up then.

Parents: ok? :confused:

haaa haa thanks sweetie… just gotta love being your personal assisstant/secretary…and all…

but did you buy any other hurricane supplies that you need yet???..the tax free week ends on your b-day…lol

–my warning–

me: Arefin, stop being lazy and get your butt outside and put up those shutters. The hurricane is coming.

Arefin: $@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#!!! :mad: stupid hurricanes!!

me: I might have to visit if it comes near me. so yeah and no using bad words!

Arefin: ok. yes mam.

me: now get your butt out there and work and wear gloves so you don’t hurt yourself…sorry can’t help…

Yeah… but does that tax exemption count for gas to power that generator? Eh? Eh? That would be awesome… wait… does Florida have tax on gas like Illinois does? B/c Iowa doesn’t… and that’s the ONLY reason I travel to Iowa.

Here is a list of everything untaxed for hurricanes

Hurricane preparedness items exempt from Florida state and local sales taxes June 1-12:
– Self-powered portable light sources including flashlights, candles and lanterns, selling for $20 or less.
– Gasoline and diesel fuel containers selling for $25 or less.
– AA, C, D, 6-volt and 9-volt batteries, excluding those for cars and boats, selling for $30 or less.
– Non-electric coolers and ice chests selling for $30 or less.
– Battery- or self-powered radios selling for $50 or less.
– Tarpaulins or flexible waterproof sheeting selling for $50 or less.
– Ground anchor or tie-down kits selling for $50 or less.
– Portable generators selling for $750 or less.