First Newsletter

Hey guys, a little while back I started a FIRST newsletter but I shut it down that same day beacuse of problems with our server…

Well I wanted to get it up for this season, so I found a new server and we are good to go!


How To Get Involved

So, you want to know how to get involved with FIRST INSIDER? Great, We need all kinds of people here @ F-I. If you want to know how you can get involved with F-I (we need all kinds of people!) please e-mail us here .

We are also ALWAYS on the look out for people who have “inside info” on FIRST. You can e-mail us here if you don’t want us to revile ANYTHING about your identity or source.

BTW, If you possible can you test out my site’s bandwidth…

You might want to talk to Ken L, Robby O, and Colleen about this. I know they were seriously talking about something similar before, so they may have ideas/tips/suggestions/help/etc.

Check this thread for more info.


Attack of the killer pop-ups

*Originally posted by jk2005 *
**Attack of the killer pop-ups **

Would you like to give me $$$ So that I can Kill them!?!?!

No that is ok. J/K I don’t mind pop-ups just as long as there aren’t like ten at once. That just gets annoying.