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I’ve started a website that is working to promote FIRST to new schools, students, teachers, sponsors, parents and mentors. My site is looking for FIRST participants to help broadcast the FIRST message.

To entice FIRST participants to join my site, I’ve stated a new section to this site called My Team. It is intended to help existing FRC teams promote themselves during the competitive season. The actual My Team site is still in development and testing and needs a bit more work.

There is however a tool on the My Team site that I think every FRC team will want to visit. It is the 2008 Team Tool, and it will provide an analysis of any team, and some statistics about their season.

The data you’ll get will look something like this: (Note: this data is from 2007)

Team 904 Analysis

Data Analysis
Total Regionals 2
Total Matches 32
Wins 14
Loses 16
Ties 2
Average 43.75
Biggest Win Margin 192
Biggest Lose Margin -46
Best Alliance Partner 1 2188
Best Alliance Partner 2 226
Regionals Attended Midwest
West Michigan

Right now you can access the first week of regional data by using the 2008 Team Tool, or you can access 2007 data by using the 2007 Team Tool.

This information is also available on web enabled cell phones (2008 only).

Please visit FIRST Objective for all the details.

I would ask that all users who feel this data is important, please take a minute and join FIRST Objective. Become a part of this community and help me promote FIRST to everyone!

Thank you,
Roger Smith

Just a quick note to all interested -

The FIRST Objective / My Team database has been updated with data from the regionals held this weekend.

As always, if anyone notices any errors or discrepancies, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Thank you,

The FIRST Objective database on My Team has been updated with data from week 3. Check out 2008 Team Tool at

Also, don’t forget, you can get the exact same data on your Internet enabled cell phone by going to


FYI - Week 4 data is now available.

This is a great idea for promoting FIRSt to high schools. Great job!

In your average calculator you sometimes get problems with rounding numbers.
For example the X-cats (191) had a margin of 82.758620689655
So you might want to put in a line of code to round all numbers to only 2 decimal places at most.

Otherwise you have a great site, and it has been useful in pre-regional scouting!

I’m not sure I understand the error… But I will round all numbers to 2 decimal places. Thanks for the comment.

Data for week 5 is now available, however I still need to round the averages…

There are some teams with very impressive statistics! You should check it out…

I’ve completed the database by adding in the data from week 6. Teams can now get a complete analysis for every team going to the Championship.

Check back tomorrow evening, FIRST Objective / My Team will be providing spreadsheets for each division in the Championship. If you want to start your scouting early, this will be the place to go!