FIRST Objective

I am finally unveiling the third major release to the website FIRST Objective. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The previous releases of the site have been removed, and if you are a returning member, I would encourage you to please take a minute and join again. All of the old data has been erased.

It has been my intent for a few years now, to create a website that will promote FIRST to those who do not know about this program. The catch has always been that there is no way that I can provide all of the content (videos, photos, stories).

This is where you come in. Can you provide your videos, photos, stories, to help promote FIRST? There are still a lot of schools/students that are not involved, and I want them ALL to have this opportunity. You can see a map of all schools involved in FIRST on my site. Zoom into your area and I’m sure you’ll find a school system that doesn’t have a team.

Take a minute and check out FIRST Objective. If you’d like to add any of your own content, please join. It is free with no catches.

Thanks for reading.