FIRST Objective

Chief Delphi Users -

I’ve made a few obscure posts here in the past, and now that school is back in full swing I’m hoping to get more serious.

I’ve started a new FIRST community that intends to bring together people from FIRST with people that need to know about FIRST (schools and the government). On one end I’ve created a website that is centered around FIRST videos, with a MySpace kinda feel. I’m hoping to get as many members as possible; adding their own videos, rating and commenting on videos that are already there, and creating connections between other users. There are also video contests that users can vote on.

On the other end, I intend to use these videos to promote FIRST within schools that do not have teams, or are trying to convince their school to start a team. I’d strongly encourage people trying to start a team to use my site as a tool to explain FIRST to their teachers and principals.

FIRST Objective is a free site with no advertising or spam. Take a minute to check it out and sign up if you think my idea is worth while. For people that have already signed up, go back and check it out again. Maybe take a few minutes and vote for your favorite videos in the monthly video contest (top of front page).

There will also be a major announcement coming this Thanksgiving that will be of great interest to any existing FIRST FRC team. Check out FIRST Objective for more details in the near future.

So, get connected, show off your videos (I may have already added some if they are on YouTube), and also help out the students that are trying to get a team started in their own school. Sign up now at

Thank you,
Roger Smith

Hey Roger,

I just stumbled across your website through the FIRST forums. Great idea and GREAT JOB! This is the type of initiative and effort we need to help FIRST spread the word.


Good things will happen.


Good stuff. This will keep students busy being creative when only a few are working on the Bot.
The teacher videos are great. Our Admin loved them.

Hey thanks guys!

I’m glad that this thread got noticed.

Take care,

Hey Everyone,

Just as things are really starting to ramp up, I just wanted to mention again FIRST Objective and the new “My Team” feature. My Team will allow teams to get noticed and this is especially important when it comes to alliance selections. You’ll want everyone to know who you are and what you can do.

Take a few minutes and stop by FIRST Objective and see what this site is trying to accomplish. Once you sign up (it’s free) you’ll be able to navigate to the My Team site.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Roger Smith