First Off Season prizes

I was wondering what prizes would you best like to recieve in am off-season competition.

(please choose one,and dont stay stuff like " a Ferrari for every team member!")

Where is the standard Trophy option?

This seems to be popular with most off-seasons.
Why reinvent the wheel?
Ya know what I’m saying?

We do not have enough funds for the standard thing.
Remember that in our off season, teams dont have to pay to take part =]

Ok. I wasn’t clear.
By “trophy” I meant anything a team can construct, buy, or get donated if they need be. Not an actual “trophy” in the sense of something you would buy at a trophy store.

Some examples of team/group made trophies:
We made those at the HS with some extra metal, and our school’s plasma cutter.

Some others

As you can see, they can be as complicated, or as simply put as you want.
Just something that puts a personal touch on the competition, and gives teams something to display to sponsors/supporters/their schoosl/ etc. etc.

We were thinking of making trophy’s of extra parts we had one of our sponsors laser cut for us this past year, but it never happened cause we ran out of time.

Be resourceful with what you have available in your shop.
A trophy making meeting can also bring together your team as much as a robot building meeting. Just think of it as a team building excercise before you hit that “order” button on the website with the ready made cups, or pens. :slight_smile:

that’s what i ment in cups =]

Here are some pics from 2007 IRI:


banners (they are displayed at the event, not given out to teams)

These photos are courtesy of Joe Menassa photography, with the assistance of Tom Schindler & Rob Zeuge.

Yes, by cups he means trophies, as they are referred to almost everywhere except the U.S :stuck_out_tongue:

yea well you call football soccer there, what do you know? :smiley:

Haha, that’s interesting.

Around here, we drink out of cups. (Not the trophy variety, of course.)

That would be mugs.

Ack, you foreign people always complicate our perfect language! :stuck_out_tongue: Whatever…

CAL Games has the best looking trophies I have ever seen. They’re even better then the ones FIRST gives out.

They’re just framed, engraved, silicon-wafers. :cool:

Contact Ken Leung for pictures. I wonder where WRRF gets them?

At the Virginia Robot Rumble, the prize was a roll of duct tape with a “1st Place” sticker on the wrapper and a Home Depot gift card. Even the duct tape without the gift card is a fun prize, despite the fact that it can’t be used on the robot.

Talk to your school’s metal/wood shop teacher and ask them if they could contribute to the cause. You can have them make you some trophies in which you can [at a later time] engrave with the award and title and stuff.

It might be neat for you to come up with awards that are unique and something that would become a welcome tradition that your team or organization has made.

We made awards to give to teams at a competition this fall. They were made in our wood shop by our team and it was great fun. We will probably make this a tradition. If we were to help host an off season at some point, we would work off this experience because it has been so positive.

For 2006, a trophy might have been our prize poof ball. Our team had this really cool poof ball that had about a twelfth of its total volume ripped out during a demonstration. In one chunk. Somehow the rest of the ball was fine… Does this count as a trophy? :smiley:

I think a cool “trophy” for the Israeli off season would be something that truly represent your team, Israel FIRST, or the whole robotics community in your area. So the question is…what symbolizes Israel FIRST for you?