First Official 2022 Field Photos

After nearly two full years without an official event, and a full afternoon of setup, Team 509 is proud to present a sneak peek of the world’s first official Rapid React field, for the FIRST Week Zero Event tomorrow!


Certainly one of the more boring looking fields in recent years, which I think means it will be way more enjoyable as a spectator to watch! Fewer decals, tall polycarb, or random tall structures. More visibility.


2014 vibes

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I wonder how hard those volunteers tightened down the screws for that upper hub.

Will the event tomorrow be streamed anywhere? Would love to watch some match videos before our comp week 1.

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I wish we could go to something like this annually. Where’s the ball supply on the field? >.< This full field puts into perspective just how far and few ball supply will be.


Yeah, just two pieces of polycarb with decals and they are down low hiding the wiring and control system for the Hub.

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Since a virtual representation of the field is made available to teams to see what it looks like from different driver stations, checking the spectator’s views of the field should be pretty straightforward to do. One would only need a rough representation of the structures like the Rockets in Deep Space and the Airships in Steamworks to get a pretty good idea of how much or how little they block the views.

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