FIRST on A & E

Did anyone see the repeat episode of “The Competion” on A & E Sunday? It featured three teams and their efforts to build a robot for the VCU regional. This was aired originally in 2001.
M-n-M looked good :slight_smile:

Wayne Doenges

Have it on tape.
OK, but featured too much on the actuall testing, not the competiton.

Once again I missed the show! Would you be bringing you copy of the show to any comp this year? Perhaps you’d allow me to borrow it lomg enough to view it and return it? If not that’s ok too.

We should be able to get U a copy if U want I can give it too ya at nats or Joseph can! just email me if U wana

team 384’s friendly neigborhood programmer

WHOOPs wrong email address lol its sorry bout that


I will try my best to remember to bring a copy. Our team was one of the ones featured, I think most of us have a copy. Will try to see if a copy can be brought to VCU and nats.

Thanks Wayne, if you get the chance check out the 2002 version of Metal in Motion at

Don Taylor
Team 343
Metal in Motion