FIRST on CBS Morning News

My father caught the segment on the CBS Morning News today and said “it was a virtual ad for FIRST!!”

I haven’t seen the clip; if anyone can find it, please post!

CBS Sunday Morning: Our Future Is Already in the Hands of Robots - High-Tech 'Bots in Medicine and the Military Are Still in the Model T Stage of Robotic Science

My parents recorded this for me and I just saw it. A lot of footage from Lunacy with teams 27, 1124, and 2753 in there, though I think that last clip of Overdrive might be just a teensy bit embarassing. :stuck_out_tongue:

They really didn’t talk too much about FIRST but it was still a nice story. I thought it was really cool because my dad and I watched it together. My dad’s never liked this FIRST thing, but I think seeing FIRST and laproscopic surgery in the same frame might have finally got to him. (He’s himself a surgeon)

Interesting…I’m a physician and both of my son’s became interested in engineering through FIRST. One is an ME at Electric Boat; the other at UConn for CE & AI.

As you can see, it’s in my blood!

Can you post the clip?

Joe - thanks for the link to the clip!

I’ll grab it from my TiVo later today and post once it’s on my Vimeo. If anyone wants an original copy or whatever, let me know.

Are you sure you don’t mean 1114? 2009 was not 1124’s best year. But I have no idea what the clip showed- I’m in France right now so I’m not really up-to-date with the CBS Morning News. I’d love to see the clip if anyone can share a link.

Edit: Nope, you were right. And Joe, thanks for the link to the video. :slight_smile:

Remember that CBS owns the copyright, so don’t distribute it without their permission.

I watched it on Sunday and it was great!

The full story or text is here…

Very nice opening statement:
"The crowds, cheerleaders and mascots are not here for a football game or a basketball tournament.

This is a robotics competition called **“FIRST,” **in which 10,000 kids from across the world descend on Atlanta and turn the Georgia Dome into a high-tech Super Bowl.

So (and this seems like an obvious question), what exactly is a robot?

Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway personal transportation device and founder of FIRST, replied, “Not only is ‘What is a robot?’ not an obvious question, I think it doesn’t have an answer any more than ‘What is a computer?’ …”
(read more at the above link)

As you said on our team forums, I think it’s the capes. The capes make us look pretty fly.

…Yes I did just say that. It’s 3AM and I need my coffee.

I thought it was a pretty good video. And any publicity for FIRST is always good