FIRST on CNN News (4/13/07)

I was eating lunch today in the cafeteria at work where the tv is always on CNN. Today, at 12:25pm PDT, CNN had a story on Championships. They showed a little bit of the match on Galileo that was happening, but mostly they showed the reporter. Also, the reporter referred to it as the “National Finals”.

It was pretty cool seeing it as it was shown, as opposed to taped. Too bad there aren’t many people at work on Fridays.


P.S.- “Beware Saturday the 14th!” (for those of you that watch B-movies)

Thats great that FIRST robotics is appearing more and more in the media.

I found the article on the CNN website but not the video.

I saw the last 10 seconds of this after the galileo MC said that they were live on CNN. I dashed to my TV to see the main anchors talking about it with a small square showing a field in the corner.

I found that the video link was in the middle of the page.
Here’s a shortcut link direct to the video: “Battle of the 'bots”](

That’s a pretty good video (despite the title). I wonder who the person with a chicken on his head was? :slight_smile:

The reporter said they’d be there again tomorrow; hopefully they do some coverage of it throughout the day. I’ll have to keep my eye on CNN in addition to the webcasts, I suppose.

haha, i was just going to post about that.

That is Amos team 229’s driver.

They just showed another bit from the competition. I caught a glimpse of team 1727; the furry control panel and shiny mullets caught my eye. :wink: They interviewed someone, I didn’t catch the team number, but he had a blue mohawk.

But I can’t change the channel, my roommate is watching Sabrina the Teen Age Witch.

I saw a second report today. The first report, from yesterday, had a suprising number of inaccuracies in it. I was quite disappointed…also yesterday the reporter had his safety glasses on his forehead. :frowning:

I don’t think he had them on today, either. He did a very good Mr. Roboto dance, though. :slight_smile:

Word is definitely spreading about us - a friend on a Yahoo board I belong to posted the link because he knows we are involved in FIRST. I saw someone from the Thunder Chickens wearing the chicken hat, but don’t know who it was.

Let’s hope we all get more great publicity like the CNN piece.