FIRST on HBO - Real Sports

From the latest email newsletter, it appears that FIRST will be featured on the HBO sports show “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”. Their next air dates are the following for the June 2018 episode (all times in Eastern ET):

June 19, 10:00 PM HBO (first airing)
June 20, 9:30 PM HBO2
June 21, 4:10 PM HBO
June 21, 11:30 PM HBO
June 22, 10:10 AM HBO2
June 23, 6:30 AM HBO2


What’s HBO?

Kidding aside, Soledad O’Brien is a pretty awesome correspondent to have cover FRC. She does a lot of work involving education.

Team 66 is one of the teams being featured in the Real Sports segment on FIRST.

We had Soledad O’Brian in our shop the day before stop build day (film crew hung around into Tuesday). So not only did we have the normal “stress” of stop build day, we had to work around the film crew.

Here are a couple of our students posing for a quick photo with Soledad after interviews.

She’s been around FRC before…