Wow is all I can say right now… I’m surprised no one noticed it before, or maybe I caught it first hand… Well, it’s amazing! :smiley:

Back on the 12th someone posted about it in Chit-Chat. You can see the post here.


Yeah, I searched for it before I posted but didn’t find anything…
Apparently it’s on the headlines for Nationals week, which is pretty good marketing for FIRST…
Now that I actually read it ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), I liked it even better. There are some bad mistakes (ie, the maximum cost of the robot is 20k… We wish… :)), but the paragraph about gracious professionalism is worth the entire article…
Plus, it was written by Marshall Brain, the site founder… :wink:

And we finally see a little more of the Peachtree Regional. All of the pictures are from Peachtree. That makes me happy, especially after we had the messed up webcast.

I saw someone with a media badge that said today at nationals. She was quite busy, though

Nice to see F.I.R.S.T. on other sites, hopefully it will assist the organization into receiving more general public support. And make it easier for teams to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

I think I saw a team that was sponsored by when we were in Atlanta.

I was reading a shirt and the sponsor list had as a sponsor.

Ken Leigh
Team 811
Controls Mentor
2004 Newton division 2nd place
2004 Granite State Chairmans Award

That team was 435 out of Southeast Raleigh, one of your champions. They have a real impressive list of sponsors.

Another surprising location for FIRST was on slashdot

On SLASHDOT, one of our team’s mentors posted an article about the championships. There is a link to it on our website