FIRST on Instructables

Instructables is a great community for sharing How-Tos , and “How to Start a FIRST Team” has garnered some interest there:

If there are other team members, coaches or mentors on Instructables, it’s a good place to share FIRST related how-tos across all categories, and potentially reach more students and mentors in a fairly mainstream platform.

Also started a collection of FIRST related Instructables here: If you’re aware of others, let me know. And look for a FIRST Instructables group there soon, too.


Terri Willingham

Specifically for FTC, my team Cougar Robotics 4251 put this together a while ago.

Instructables is definitely a good way of sharing how-to’s.

Great job on this great ‘how to’ resource! I am head of team development for FIRST Nevada and I will definitely be sharing this link to prospective teams.