FIRST on myspace?

This might not sound like a good question, but a lot of people “suffer” from addiction to This got me thinking, is there like a FIRST profile on myspace or a group? For any of you myspacers out there, if there isn’t I think I’ll start one. Do you guys think that people would join? This is serious. :slight_smile: Thanks

There are a ton of them already.

I’m sure someone can post them all, but seeing as I’m about to head off to bed, I can’t right now.

But I know I am personally in about… uh… idk. a lot of them. :yikes:

Find (some of) them linked in my groups off my pageif you want.

Thank you

i’m kind of new to chiefdelphi…but anyway i don’t have a myspace. It sounds pretty cool. I may sign up just for that lol. :rolleyes:

Just a reference. Myspace has already been talked about :smiley:

There’s pleanty of FIRST groups on myspace already started but this one is the biggest.

as already said, there are plenty of first groups on myspace…but heres one for those on teams in and around roc ny:

Bah myspace again I thought I could hide from the craze here! >.< Guess not…oh well I’m going to play around with a welder or something.

We also have a Southern California FIRST group

Yeah, and somehow I was invited.

I’m as far away from Southern California as you can get. :smiley:

Thank you everybody, I started my own one too right after I first posted this question, and before everyone responded. If anyone would like to join my new, empty myspace Robotics group… please do! Please! You can look me up by my e-mail address, since I don’t remember the exact url of it and our school has a firewall to prevent us from myspace… Anyway, my e-mail address is I have several other Robotics groups I have joined and mine! Thanks :slight_smile: