FIRST on NBC Nightly News

There is going to be a story about FIRST on NBC Nightly New in a few mins. or tonight.(depending on your location)
Just wanted to past it on.

Thanks for the headsup, watching it right now!

I saw some green shirts :smiley:

EDIT: wow that was actually a pretty cool clip. Two nice sound bites from Dean and Woodie, and quite a bit of game footage. I loved two of Kamen’s lines: “we’re here to teach kids how to do more with their lives than just bounce a ball” and “the goal of FIRST has always been simple; change the culture of the United States” haha

they said superbowl of smarts again :rolleyes: but pretty good exposure anyway

just saw it, awesome that theres been so much coverage lately, now all we gotta do is get FIRST as a fully televised sport on network television :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a nice clip - saw quite a few teams I recognized! :slight_smile:

To me that clip was just further proof that it really is GHouse, and the rest of us just live in it

I saw my pit for half a second. And yes, the Nightly News did confirm that thsi is GHouse’s world, we just live in it.

yeah two friends just told me about it… and they both said “omg ashley, you’re on the news!” and i missed it :frowning: man i hope they get that clip online!!! i wanna see what they talked about!!

Still at work and just reading this announcement means that I didn’t see the video. I read the story on the NBC website but I didn’t see a like to the video. Is there a link?



Yes, look to the upper right.


Thank you very much for hosting this. I threw it up on my server (so you don’t have to wait for rapidshare), following the same guidelines outlined by kirkio. If anyone has a problem with it, they can pm me, or if it’s someone bigger looking down, they can email me at [email protected]

If people don’t think that this is a good idea (hosting it on my private server), pm me so I’ll take it down. I use news segments all the time though… they ARE broadcasted on TV…

OK, so the link is:

[strike]That should start working in a few minutes… It’s uploading now.[/strike]
[strike]It works.[/strike]
I’m taking it down till i get permission from NBC


commercial showed team 1902 and few others the clip was pretty cool

While I’m all for “sticking it to the man” and such, this is NBC property, and distributing the content like this doesn’t look good on FIRST’s part. If you really want to support it, go visit the news link, get some clicks on it, watch the video a lot, and show them that people are more interested in this story than some stupid pet video. It allows them to uphold their copyright, gives them money, and gets them intrested in more FIRST content. :]

So me and my family just saw it… we all flipped cause me and my team made it on there 2 times haha. and my mom freaked when she saw i was shaking hands with Dean Kamen haha. oooo that brings back memories :slight_smile: Gotta love FIRST!!!

what time did they air it in ur time zone cause im in cali and its still 5:30 pm

it was just before 7 pm eastern

NBC Nightly News comes on at 5:30 to 6:00 Central time if that helps.

I saw my back!!! Thats was nicely done. :smiley: