Some guy at the Championship Event posted FIRST on Slashdot!!! Link below is to the “Read more” link for it.

Darn…you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else commented in the article yet? I’ve posted in the comments a few times already.

For the most part, it’s gotten a positive reaction. There are a few, though, who aren’t quite as positive towards the program. Look at this comment - “USFirst is a Scam”]( - to see what I’m talking about.

Still…the media attention is nice. Congrats to whoever submitted it to Slashdot - that was a great idea. :slight_smile:

Those people who posted negatively regarding FIRST were a bit rude at times and full of assumptions. Nonetheless, if you scroll down the page to look at the replies to those posts, some have been from current/past FIRST members and they lack gracious professionalism too… As in, if it were posted on CD, it’d drop the person’s rep by a good 100-200 points. I don’t like either side of the debate right now.

I personally have restrained myself from jumping into the fray on /.

I have posted many a time on /., but I refuse to drop down to the level of some of the comments that have been posted under that article.

/. isn’t the typical crowd for gracious or professional commentary on articles. There are plenty of good posts, but plenty of misinformed/just-plain-wrong comments posted to articles.

This article is no exception.

I am glad, however, that it’s been covered there now :slight_smile:

EDIT Okay, I finally bit, and wrote a comment on the story (my /. username is macmaniac if you care to look for it). It’s kind of sad though, some of the commentary I’ve been seeing there, and some of it makes me wonder how FIRST can get such a negative initial rap from people both in and out of FIRST…

Wow…I know what forums I perfer now. That whole thing is just FIRST bashing!