FIRST on the cover of Design News magazine

The August 19th issue of Design News magazine contains a nice cover-story article about FIRST and shines the spotlight on several of “tomorrow’s engineers” in the FIRST community. Pics of the students are on the cover, and each received their own profile in the main article. Kids from Teams 48, 49, 56, 217, and 233 were profiled. Congrats to all the students in the article.

Here’s the web address of the online article:

Great job to those who were talked about in the article. I thought it was a good article except for the following in the first part of it:

From article
FIRST is a non-profit organization with the purpose of giving high school students hands-on experience building and designing robots that compete in hopes of garnering awards and scholarships

FIRST is not about building the robot in hopes of garnering awards and scholarships (to most people), but is about actually learning from when building the robot, talking to others in the competition, ect.

Just my $.02

i agree with that. i mean, its always nice to win a scholarship from it and to win the competition, but building the robot is the most fun part about it (aside from driving it when you finish)