FIRST on the Radio

My dad told me that a few mornings ago, on the radio, they were interviewing a girl from a FIRST team in Rockville, MD. I’m guessing 1820 from the data of the FIRST website. He said that she was asked if it was like battlebots and responded that the robots were not supposed to hurt each other. She discussed that there were few girls on the team and that the team was really excited to go to Annapolis. I think it’s really great that FIRST teams are out there in public media, showing what the programis about! Anyone on the featured team have any other info on this?

That’s neat. Every time I tell someone that I’m on a robotics team, they always ask if it’s like BattleBots. What’s with people today, they must really like violence or something… :smiley:

Do you know what station?

No, it was probably a news station. I’ll ask later and see if my dad remembers.

Edit: It was WTOP, the news station. I searched their website, but I can’t find anything about it.

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez visited Team 1820 on 1/29/07. The team did a wonderful, very professional presentation. Lauren is the team president and has gotten air time on various radio stations. There has also been quite a bit in the press and we are linking many of these articles as they come in on the Chesapeake website

We are grateful for the support of the Department of Commerce and NIST who is mentoring Team 1820 this year.

I just received an article in spanish and one from the Federal Tech Watch and will ask the webmaster for Chesapeake to post.

Thanks for the info!!