FIRST on Wealth TV

Another great piece on FIRST in the media: FIRST on Wealth TV: Giving Back

The trailer is among the best on FIRST, and I suspect the rest of the show is at the same high quality.

That is a really great clip that highlights FIRST. I guess I know what I’m going to watch instead of the Rose Bowl.:stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see the full episode!

Holy Cow, that is an awesome team in that video!

Now, how did they get a camera in the judges room, I’ll never know.


I’m the loud one with the beard towards the end :smiley:

The people who were with us filming this were absolutely great. I can’t wait to see the whole piece…I think it’s airing thanksgiving night.

Can’t wait to watch. It looks like a quality production. It is also great to see the Holy Cows get featured. We hope you have lots of viewers.

I have to say, we miss the San Diego Regional and the Holy Cows already.

Best Wishes from Miss Daisy!

Awesome coverage for FIRST!
Does anyone know when it will be aired on Wealth?

6:30 AM on thanksgiving. I thought it was PM not AM which means i will be in the car heading down to NJ:(. Hopefully i’ll be able to watch it somewhere online after that.

Hmm…I wonder why they put it on so early…Hopefully it’ll be on some time later too!

The Holy Cows have had a chance to see the whole piece and it is amazing!

I know I might seem a little biased, but if your cable or satellite provider carries WealthTV, it is definitely worth watching.

We’re not sure if we’ll be allowed to post the full piece on YouTube or on our website, but if we are then we will definitely do so and we’ll post a link here on CD.

Thanks Jon! I just wished that there was a way in which i could load it before i left and then watched on the way down. Or pray that we follow a bolt bus or another bus with wifi. My brother and two other kids who drove a trailer home from Atlanta stayed next to a bolt bus for 10 hours as it was heading to CT and they took turns driving while the other two were on the internet.:ahh:

Just wish i had that luck!