FIRST Overdrive logo

Okay, this is a little off-topic but there is a lot of computer graphic talent perusing this forum.

Does anyone have the “FIRST Overdrive” logo without that darn drop-shadow or anti-aliasing? Those make it difficult to use on a colored or black background without getting bright artifacts on the letter edges.

Or do any of you know what font they used? It wouldn’t be too hard to recreate with the proper font.

FIRST Overdrive Logo

Just so you know, all of FIRST’s logos and other items of that nature including the manual is registered trademarks or are copyrighted. You are not going to be able to legally recreate it. If anyone did post that they have created it and chose to tell you about it, they could get into some major trouble. Just thought I would put that out there for you!


Here are the logo guidelines:

  1. Graphic cannot be printed on a white T-shirt
  2. Graphic cannot be altered or deconstructed in any way
  3. Graphic must be surrounded by 1/4" protected space
  4. Graphic cannot be incorporated into anything for sale without written approval from FIRST Marketing.

I don’t think deleting the drop-shadow is considered altering the logo because the FIRST Robotics web site shows the logo both with and without the drop-shadow. For example, that cool game animation created by Dave Lavery has the Overdrive logo without the drop-shadow.

So I guess it can be printed on any other color of T-shirt? Seems like an odd request, but I’m sure there is a reason behind it that I just am not thinking about.

If its printed on a white t-shirt the circle in the logo wouldn’t show making it the logo different.

That would make sense and I can’t think of any other good reason, but it seems if that WAS the reason you couldn’t print it on a blue or red T-shirt either :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe because it would still look cool without the center bit but if it was missing either side it would look retarded? :smiley:

I found the name of the font: ITC Benguiat Gothic Heavy