FIRST participants wanting to see the kickoff...

Posted by Sam Lindhorst.

Engineer on team #240, Mach Vee, from Jefferson High School and Visteon.

Posted on 1/6/2000 8:09 PM MST

In or around the Livonia, Michigan area, we have the use of my company’s DSL connection and several computers to watch it on. The company is GKS Inspection Svcs. and the address is 37100 Plymouth Rd., Livonia. We’ll be there around 8:30am and plan to stay the whole broadcast, and download documantation afterwards. We have a 30PPM printer, and ZIP drives for interested folks wanting their own copies. Call (734) 953-9696 and ask for Sam.

We also have some Coordinate Measuring machines and Laser Digitizers I’d be happy to demonstrate, and some interesting CAD models. Almost as much fun as a robot. :o)