FIRST Parts in Car driven by iPhone

This is a neat video of driving a car with an iPhone. Count how many different FIRST Robotics parts you see in the video.

Waterloo Labs is a fairly new group from Austin, TX very similar to MythBusters but without the TV show. I suspect one of the members works for National Instruments.

Driving school just got that much better for instructors… :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems from the website that they referenced that the whole project is linked to NI.

Also from their Twitter bio

Cool, do you think they’ll accept high schoolers?

In part two I see a few robots, including one belonging to Wildstang.

I haven’t gotten my hands on a kit in a couple of years, but from what I know and what I’ve seen pictures of…

  • cRIO (can’t tell if it’s FRC issue or not)
  • power distro panel
  • window motors
  • CIM motor
  • iPhone (well, we can wish, right?)

Actually, you can tell.
There’s no FIRST logo on the cRIO in the vid. (Pause it exactly at 31 seconds) & compare it with this pic:


And for a more detailed difference, there is an extra bronze colored part below the serial connection on the one in the video.
(Just so no one argues that they just covered up the FIRST logo.)