FIRST Patches

Hey y’all! So I recently came into possession of some FIRST patches and had no proper way to use them. So what did I do? Well, despite having a horrific lack of art skills I decided to create a robotics jacket. I used some acrylic paint and a handmade stencil to recreate the FIRST logo (with a touch of silver) on a denim jacket and use this to display robotics patches. I plan on doing some more stuff with the jacket in addition to touch ups, but I figured this would be the place to ask… might anybody be in possession of some older robotics patches that they’re willing to send my way? I know some previous games (Stronghold and Recycle Rush) had game patches for those years, in addition to other miscellaneous ones floating round. I’d sincerely appreciate any help with my project :slight_smile: thank you!


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