FIRST Pictures...

I stuck this in the general forum because there are a lot of pictures that are generic and can be used for PR stuff.

One of our team members (a father of one of the students) took a lot of great pictures at the GLR regional. There is a lot of 469 content, but also a lot of other teams, the event, etc… These are from Friday…

Great still shots of you guys in that first match along with 65 & 1213 :rolleyes:

Thanks Jack… lol… Why move when you have 65 and 1213 on your side?

** GLR_2007 – March 2007 (464 images)**

He couldn’t take just five more pictures?

I know… I was going to throw 5 of mine in there just to…

thanks for pictures. got two for are team off collection. one question, how did he get on field? i tried but they said no. also congrats to young man that won award.

He was taking pictures for the event and had a media pass.

Who do you have to talk to to get a media pass?

I honestly don’t know. I believe he was contacted by someone that was running the regional and asked him to take pictures…

If you’re that interested, I’d suggest PM’ing my team’s resident photographer, Joe Menassa. He’s gotten media passes at several regional and championship events for the past few years and could point you in the right direction.

Who says you can’t do it all?

At least the cameraman liked us!

There’s a lot to like… You guys were great… It also helped that we played together like half the matches…

You kidding? I’m friends with the person who got him the media pass! :wink: :wink:

the pictures were great thanks guys

I saw some great pictures of my teams robot (453 the purple ramps). Thanks

KEVIN! waves hello

But really, thanks for the pictures. They’re great. :slight_smile: